Roshuk Law

Practice Areas

Our firm’s philosophy is to always consider how we can provide effective legal services at reasonable costs though negotiation and mediation with all parties involved. While not all situations can be resolved amicably, if such options are available we recommend to our clients that they pursue such channels before resorting to more adversarial or litigious approaches.

Our firm handles legal matters with an emphasis in the following practice areas:

Family law: prenuptial, post nuptial and separation agreements; domestic partner agreements; uncontested divorce through agreement, waiver, or default; negotiated divorce agreements, collaborative divorce; mediated divorce; child custody disputes and agreements; contested divorces with business valuation issues, hidden assets and tracing of assets, equitable distribution issues, business valuation, interim spousal support and post divorce maintenance, pendente lite issues, temporary custody and child support, interstate child support and custody issues; Net Worth statements, valuation and discovery issues; international legal process; international uncontested divorces; publication divorces and lost spouse divorces; annulments, contested or uncontested; grandparent visitation rights, separations, paternity, contempt and enforcement proceedings.

Immigration law: family immigration including spousal green cards, finance (K-1, K-2 visas) and temporary marriage K visas; adjustment of status, consular processing; divorce related immigation issues; I-864 sponsorship and cosponsorship issues; VAWA petitions for self petitioning, spouse abuse, and related family member petitions and consular processing. Inadmissability waivers and removal proceedings; naturalization and federal writs regarding DHS processing failures; immigation time delay issues and interview preparation and attendance.

Corporate and business law: incorporation, not-for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, shareholder and member agreements, trade secrets, motion picture production and distribution, internet law, music recording agreements; trademarks and copyrights; commercial telecommunications licensing; confessions of judgment; securitizaton; contracts; art law; business planning; employment contracts and termination agreements; tax exempt status 501(c)(3), and charities compliance and registration.

Trust and Estates: Will drafting and execution; uncontested probate and contested probate; administration of estates, family tree/heirship proceedings; accountings and misc. Surrogate Court proceedings.

Real Estate: Sale of residential and commercial real estate; real property litigation, adverse possession issues, quieting of title, partition; mechanics liens; judgment negotiation and settlement; landlord/tenant surrender agreements.

Entertainment law: music agreement for producers and talent; negotiations of licensing; syncronization and composition rights agreements; royalty audits; film production agreements; film financing; crowdfunding; internet website development contracts; arts contracts; personality and privacy rights; copyright infringement; take down notices; online defamation; electronic discovery.

General litigation: unbundled legal services; motion practice; vacating defaults; small claims and Civil Court litigation;  Supreme Court litigation; Federal District Court litigation.