Roshuk Law

Limited Scope Representation

With the proliferation of courts and litigation individuals may wish to limit their legal costs and hire a lawyer for specific legal tasks rather than retaining a lawyer for general representation. Individuals who appear in court “pro se” or “pro per” without the benefit of legal counsel may wish to be coached by a seasoned legal professional or hire a law firm to draft papers or engage in motion practice, called “unbundled legal services” or “limited scope representation” may be as simple as advice and counsel or may involve court appearances and preparation for a hearing and/or a trial.

Advise and Counsel

Many times an individual needs to know the law or understand the complexity of the legal landscape that the individual is facing in a particular legal matter; these may be proactive, i.e. before a transaction occurs or a situation develops into a full blown legal controversy, or may be during the court of litigation already commenced. Typically these sessions are billed on a flat fee basis, please inquire for an initial consultation to discuss the retainer fee.

Court Hearing Preparation

Often individuals who are facing various cases, such as small claims litigation, civil or county court litiation or family court litigation may need to prepare for their court appearances. We can review your hearing strategy and develop an approach with you of your presentation to the trier of fact. We can also assist you with preparing for cross-examination. Typically these sessions are on a reduced hourly rate from our litigation hourly rates.

Motion Practice Preparation

We can develop motion papers for unbundled limited scope representation clients to provide them with the necessary paperwork for a specific legal issue before a court. The fees for this kind of service are negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of matter, the time involved and the issues researched.